The Plate Scrapers originated in 2014 in western Maryland the

way any good bluegrass band does: from a bunch of fellers pickin’

around in a circle, surrounded by delicious plates of food, strong

libations, and good friends. The traditional spirit of The Plate

Scrapers is still innately intact nearly half a decade later, though

they have evolved into far more than your average bluegrass band.

Through diverse backgrounds and influences ranging from jazz, to

hard rock, to funk, the band has taken their music to an eclectic

new level.


The Plate Scrapers’ songwriting is the identifying characteristic of

the band. Complimenting writing styles from multiple members

offer a tasteful balance and refreshing diversity to their sound, a

diversity which they have become known for. Folksy lyrics of songs

like “Shoes” or “Moonlight” call to a time of friendship, nostalgia

and adventure, while songs like “Trucker’s Aspirin” or

“Easy Way Out” are darker tales, gritty in nature. 


Crafted musicianship and creative chemistry on stage guarantees

that each performance is a new experience. More recently, the

band has been known to take advantage of modern FX to enhance their traditional folk instruments, venturing over the borders of traditional Bluegrass into the rapidly growing genre of Jamgrass. Fans and critics alike agree that things are moving in a promising direction for The Plate Scrapers. 


The Plate Scrapers are currently working on their third studio record, with new and different material, and are setting their sites on touring the Western US in the near future. These guys are committed to what they do and have no intentions of slowing down.

Album Releases: Live at Moonshadow (2014), Contact (2015), Dishes (2016), Live at VOMA (2016)

Direct Support: The Seldom Scene, Keller Williams, Hot Buttered Rum, Jeff Austin Band, Larry Keel, Cornmeal, WeBanjo3, 2018 IBMA Official Showcase Artist 


Radio: WAMU Bluegrass Country, WDVX Blue Plate Special

**2019 Podunk Bluegrass Festival Telefunken Band Contest Winners**

"Cool band, musicians, and repertoire of songs!

Very entertaining!

-Fred Travers (The Seldom Scene)

“pickers with solid vocals and a strong stage presence”

"bluegrass stalwarts"

"The Plate Scrapers obviously love making music together. Their musicianship is exceptional and their songs are catchy as hell. In a more perfect world, I'd get to record songs and bands like this every day."

-Yellow Couch Sessions

"They make a classic bluegrass sound that's not afraid to go somewhere new."

"...[The Plate Scrapers] can make you feel like you're listening to a classic artist play something from the future."

"'Flying Car' brings that sense of newness that the Plate Scrapers will come to be known for."

Appalachian Jamwich "Contact" album review

by Carly Shields

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